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   The road network of the Ērgļu district allows to travel around it with a bicycle. there are two marked bicycle routes within the territory of the district. 
The international route "Tour de LatEst" is 1296 km long and goes through the territory of two states – Latvia and Estonia. The Ērgļu district section is contiguous with Madonas and Ogres districts.
   The local route "Ērgļi-Viesakas-Jumurda-Ērgļi" branches off the international route to provide a more profound impression of the district’s marvelous nature and familiarize a tourist with the occupations of the local dwellers. One may also go on a free fantasy ride around the Ērgļu district using the routes specified on the district map.
   Minor bicycle-related services are provided by SIA "Saules serviss", 6 Saules street, Ērgļi, phone No. 64871547, mobile phone No.29479139
   Custom routes for bicycle tours are organized by individual request by the "Braku takas" amusement park, mobile phone No.29429125, e-mail:, web:

 Map of the Tour de LatEst bicycle route.pdf (7.355 MB)

 Tour de LatEst guidebook.pdf (20.387 MB)

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Ērgļu novada pašvaldība,
Rīgas iela 10, Ērgļi, Ērgļu pagasts, Ērgļu novads, LV-4840,
tālr./fakss 64871231
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