Wednesday, October 16
Namedays: Daiga, Dinija

Ērgļu novada pašvaldība
Reģ.nr. 90002214379
Rīgas iela 10, Ērgļi, Ērgļu pagasts,
Ērgļu novads, LV-4840
Tālr./ fakss 64871231


Contact info:
"Ķenguri", Ērgļu parish, Ērgļu district, mobile phone No. 29188891, e-mail:

Active pastime in the pottery workshop. The rural farmstead and the workshop are open for families and everyone else keen on trying himself out by the potter’s wheel. Other activities include dish decoration, making adornments, badge drawing, painting in the open air, weaving, making rattles and drums, playing musical instruments by the fire with the potter and an abundance of wooden images. Visitors may also bake their own clay handicrafts in a potter’s furnace. You are free to place your tent or throw a picnic in the potter’s yard in order to rest before the further journey. Wi-Fi available around the homestead.

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Ērgļu novada pašvaldība,
Rīgas iela 10, Ērgļi, Ērgļu pagasts, Ērgļu novads, LV-4840,
tālr./fakss 64871231
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